Here take this virtual Handshake!

This is MikeyB here, the fearless leader of Red Dragon Gaming! Some of you may be here from hearing about us from the youtubez. Let me introduce my team to you, there are 5 of us creating an awesome game right now, that we will release more information about soon!

But it wouldn't be very polite if we didn't introduce ourselves first. We have 4 Artists and 1 Programmer. Let's keep it on a first name basis, just to be awesome.

Aron a.k.a Nivorage - Programmer.
Cynan a.k.a Nexvenit - 3D modeller and Animator
Matthew a.k.a Matfighter - 3D modeller and Animator
John a.k.a MrSosage - 3D modeller and Animator
Mike a.k.a MikeyB lol - Level Designer, 3D modeller, animator and a bit of scripting.

We all draw concept art - (not great lol) but it does the job and we've all contributed to the story and characters of our game, we pretty much work like clockwork, well that's if Reddit is down.